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Tuesday 21st May, Professor Robyn Wiegman, ‘On Wishful Thinking’


Tuesday 21st May – Professor Robyn Wiegman (Duke University). Chair and respondent Jackie Stacey (University of Manchester).  Public lecture ‘On Wishful Thinking’, 5pm. All Welcome. (Venue: John Casken Lecture Theatre, Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester).


We are excited to confirm that Robyn Wiegman will be kindly joining us throughout the Sexuality Summer School, including a number of sessions on her fantastic book, Object Lessons (2012). Object Lessons will be available to purchase following her public lecture, alongside copies of B. Ruby Rich’s New Queer Cinema: The Director’s Cut (2013).

“This brilliant, commodious book gives us a name for that fast-moving conceptual traffic arrayed across the academic galaxy from the 1970s to the present; as a strategy for naming, Object Lessons brings about ‘identity knowledges’ as a rethought object of desire and destination, its political commitments pursued to the bone, in the immediacy of its institutional arrangements. The reader will not want to miss Robyn Wiegman in this quite stunning and masterful outcome.”Hortense Spillers

“[Wiegman’s] book left me reeling in the best possible way, precisely because it focuses in on the affective life of our critical impulses. Wiegman peels back the veneer on our investments in a variety of politics — feminist, anti-racist, imperialist, queer— leaving us to confront why we show up to struggle with our work. This book gave me the gift of recognizing conflict and incommensurability as powerful sites from which to continue to passionately invest in politics.”—Naomi Greyser, Feminist Studies





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