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POUTFEST at the Cornerhouse this week


A collaboration between Manchester Pride, the Sexuality Summer School (University of Manchester) and Cornerhouse brings you 2 more films this week: http://www.cornerhouse.org/film/film-events/poutfest
POUTFEST – the best in queer cinema specially selected from Peccadillo Pictures:
She Monkeys Next showing Tue 20 Aug 2013, 18:20 (introduced by Jackie Stacey)
Emma is a girl who likes to be in control. When she tries out for the local equestrian vaulting team she meets Cassandra, a strong, attractive and vivacious girl. As they get to know each other they share a sense of wicked fun and quickly become best friends. But feelings of jealousy, competiveness and sexual attraction have them pushing each other to their limits. As Emma spends more time away from home with Cassandra, little sister Sara begins to discover her own sexual identity, all the while pining for affection from a reluctant babysitter. A taboo-busting modern Western, Lisa Aschan’s She Monkeys presents a trio of young women for whom gender is both weapon and toy, pushing the boundaries of political correctness to breaking point.
The Invisibles Next showing Thu 22 Aug 2013, 18:00 (introduced by Clara Bradbury-Rance)
The Invisibles explores the lives of men and women born between the World Wars who have nothing in common, except their sexuality and decision to live openly at a time when society rejected them. They’ve loved, struggled, desired, made love. Today they tell us about their pioneering lives and how they navigated the desire to remain ordinary with the need to liberate themselves in order to thrive.


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