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Tomorrow (Tuesday 19 Nov): ‘Queer Now and Then’ seminar, Jackie Stacey, University of Manchester


Tomorrow, Tuesday 19 November, Jackie Stacey will deliver the next paper in the ‘Queer Now and Then’ seminar series, a set of events overseen by Laura Doan.

peggy 2

Tuesday 19th November, 5pm-7pm

Jackie Stacey (Manchester)

‘Embodying Queer Temporalities: The Future Perfect of Peggy Shaw’s Butch Noir’

Room A101, Samuel Alexander Building

The University of Manchester  –  All Welcome!

What does it mean to embody an erotic presence through the ways in which it has already been read? In dialogue with recent debates about queer temporality (Edelman, Jagose, Freeman and others), this talk will introduce the relay of ‘reading and being read’ that constitutes the future perfect of butch noir. This talk discusses the ‘having already been read-ness’ of Peggy Shaw’s embodiment of butch noir in MUST – the inside story (a live anatomy lesson performed by Peggy Shaw and Clod Ensemble, with back projected slides from the Wellcome medical library). Shaw’s performance of the anxious and playful readings of her body on stage is not so much an exemplar or case study, as it is a collaboration which instantiates the conceptual problem of pinning time down and the theoretical difficulty of finding queer particularity in time’s binding elusiveness. In thinking about the title of this seminar series – ‘queer now and then’ – Jackie Stacey takes Shaw’s troubling of temporality through her queer embodied presence as a way of responding to current debates about time in queer theory.

Jackie Stacey is a Professor of Cultural Studies and Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and Languages (CIDRAL). She is the author of Star Gazing: Female Spectators and Hollywood Cinema (1994), Teratologies: A Cultural Study of Cancer (1997), and, most recently, The Cinematic Life of the Gene (2010). She is also an editor of Screen.


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