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This Saturday: ‘Your Place or Mine?: A debate’ (Queer Contact 2014)



This weekend, Queer Contact hosts a ‘lively political LGBT debate’. See below for more details from the website, and go to the website to book.


An afternoon of lively political LGBT debate chaired by Queer performer/ facilitator and Mother’s Ruin co-founder Tim Redfern.

There is no denying that much has improved to promote LGBT cultural inclusion, particularly in the West. But equality should not mean apathy. Homophobia is still rife in schools with bullying affecting over half of those questioned by Stonewalland it is illegal to be gay in more than 70 countries. 

We believe strongly in LGBT Heritage and archives. We believe in challenging the status quo. But in these changing times, where do, or should our stories, histories and local archives fit to inform not just today’s young LGBTQ but future generations to come?

Your Place or Mine? seeks to examine these issues, through a performance presentation from Bristol based performance maker Tom Marshman and additional contributions from Brighton based producer and writerDavid Sheppeard, University of Manchester lecturer & academic researcher Dr. Monica Pearl, Dr.Andrew MoorReader in Cinema History, Manchester Metropolitan University (specialising in queer cinema since Stonewall), Manchester Councillor and LGBT archivistPaul Fairweather, and Ugandan Lesbian Refugee and LGF Role Model of the Year Prossy Kakooza.


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