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Lois Weaver awarded Guggenheim Fellowship



We are pleased to share the news that Lois Weaver has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Since 1925, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has annually offered Fellowships to artists, scholars and scientists working in all fields. This year, after considering the recommendations of panels and juries consisting of hundreds of distinguished artists, scholars and scientists, the Board of Trustees has granted 177 Fellowships. Guggenheim Fellows are appointed on the basis of impressive achievement in the past and exceptional promise for future accomplishment.

Congratulations Lois!!

Lois will be joining us for the Sexuality Summer School 2014, including two events organised with Contact and Science, Stroke, Art 2014. On Tuesday 27 May, Lois Weaver will be entering into dialogue with long-time collaborator, Peggy Shaw, for Green Screening: A Conversational Workshop at 7.30pm at Contact. Peggy and Lois will discuss issues of self, memory and the power of the imagination in the wake of a life-altering event.

On Wednesday 28 May, Lois Weaver will direct Peggy Shaw in a performance of RUFF at Contact at 8pm. Since Peggy’s stroke, she’s realised she has never really performed solo. She has always had a host of crooners, lounge singers, movie stars, rock and roll bands and eccentric family members living inside her. RUFF is a tribute to those who have kept her company for 68 years and an opportunity to share with her favourite confidants – the audience. The Stroke Association are holding a wine reception at Contact before the event, and after the show local stroke clinician, Khalil Kawafi, will hold an ‘Ask the Doctor’ session. This will be an opportunity to ask questions about stroke following Peggy’s performance.

To book either of these events, please visit the Contact website here.

We are delighted and grateful that Lois Weaver continues to offer her time and support to the Sexuality Summer School, and would like to congratulate her again on her fantastic achievement!



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