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Event Series: Putting Feminist Theory into Practice. Sponsored by Manchester Feminist Theory Network (MFTN)


‘Putting Feminist Theory into Practice’

Event Series Sponsored by Manchester Feminist Theory Network (MFTN)

Rooms TBC

1). Feminisms and anti-imperialist practice (5-7pm, Tuesday 18 November)

Speakers: Dr Anastasia Valassopoulos (University of Manchester), Dr Suryia Nayak (Salford); Dr Rubina Jasani (UoM); Sima Imsir (PhD student, Manchester).

2). Visualising embodiment: The art of birthing (3-6pm, Tuesday 9 December, Salford Midwifery Department). In collaboration with Birthrites: birthritescollection.org.uk/

Speakers: Professor Griselda Pollock (Leeds); Imogen Tyler (Lancaster); Helen Knowles, (artist and curator of Brithrites collection, Salford Midwifery Dept); Dawn Edge (UoM); Rosemary Deller (PhD student, UoM).

3). Feminist theory: Where is the Marxism now? (3-5 pm, Wednesday 14 January)

Speakers: Professor Gargi Bhattacharrya (UEL); Professor Helen Colley (Huddersfield); PhD candidates: Debbie Ralls (MIE, UoM) and Gail Davidge (ESRI, MMU)

4). Feminist Theory-Queer Theory-Trans Theory (1-3pm, Wednesday 25 February 2015
 Ellen Wilkinson C1.18)

Speakers: Professor Jack Halberstam: (UC Riverside, in Cambridge Spring Semester); Professor Monica Pearl (EAC UoM); Clara Bradbury-Rance (Phd student, EAC, UoM).

5). Black feminism: Theory and activism (Thursday 26 March) – time and venue tbc

Speakers: Gayatri Spivak (Columbia University, New York) and Suryia Nayak (Salford University) in conversation, event co-sponsored by Trafford Rape Crisis.

6). Feminist (in)disciplines and practices (4-6pm, Wednesday 22 April)

Speakers: Professor Jackie Stacey (UoM) and Professor Erica Burman (UoM); PhD student: Sabah Siddiqui (UoM)

All Welcome!

Jackie Stacey and Erica Burman

University of Manchester




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