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New Year Update



Firstly, an early thanks to our supporters this year. Funding from several organisations, including the North West Consortium Training Partnership, artsmethods@manchesterScreen, The Women’s Media Studies Network and the University of Manchester’s School of Arts Languages and Cultures (SALC), means we can put together a really exciting and varied programme of events on norms, normativities and the history of the discourse of the normal in academic theory and in arts practices.

We will also be collaborating with some of our cultural partners in the city, including Contact, HOME and The People’s History Museum, who will host some of our public events. SALC are also providing the Graduate School space for our postgraduate workshops, which will provide a stimulating environment for teaching sessions and also for more informal discussions and socialising.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome the support of the Macmillan LGBT Cancer Support Alliance, and we look forward to the exciting possibilities for interdisciplinary debate on the medical humanities that this may bring.


We are very pleased to welcome such a fantastic ensemble of speakers to this year’s Sexuality Summer School. Robyn Wiegman and Clare Hemmings will be addressing the issues and problems of anti-normativity in queer theory and practice in a public dialogue and group seminar, while our very own Laura Doan will do a public lecture on her research on the history of the normal.

Brian Lobel, performer, scholar and co-author of the musical A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancerwill be joined by presenter, actor and international disability rights activist Liz Carr, from the BBC drama Silent Witness,  to give a public event mixing performance and discussion on our theme in the context of the body. We’ll be reading Maggie Nelson‘s book The Argonautsand, although she can’t join us in person, we’re in dialogue with her about a possible virtual link up for an informal exchange with us about her writing.

Following the success of her interactive workshop at last year’s Summer School, Nina Wakeford will be returning to engage our next group of researchers in thought-provoking improvised activities. Last but not least, we are thrilled to be able to host the wonderful feminist performance artist Holly Hughes.

We hope you are as thrilled by this line-up as we are!

Reminder: registration opens Wednesday 1st March! First come, first served! 




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